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Inside The Nation Radio is a podcast dedicated toward gaining knowledge of and interacting with people from different communities. Although we discuss several issues that affect the black community, we are not a podcast solely dedicated to discussing issues in the black community. This podcast is a conversational podcast with certain interview style questions throughout the duration of the show. Our aim is to make you comfortable as we learn more about you as a person and a professional.

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As the host of Inside The Nation Radio Abiyah Adoniah Israel has put together a team of professionals who are focused on bringing you the absolute best content. Abiyah not only brings his experience as a talk show host, but he also brings a real world glimpse with his experience as a former Paramedic, Police Officer, and Sheriff's Deputy. Abiyah has also mentored thousands of people and tough them how to stand up and defend themselves against age old Tyranny in America.

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As the wife of Abiyah Natasha Israel is also a major part of the success of Inside The Nation Radio. Natasha is a holder of a Master's Degree in Business and Finance and has several years of experience with stock and investment strategies. As the CFO of Receptive Koncepts, she brings a unique touch to the platform educating listeners on how to reach their full financial potential.

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As the head of the congregation  of "The Church at Louisville", Rick Judah is a father and a content creator of the channel Talk That Troof Radio (3TR). Rick has always worked towards building relationships of families because the these are what communities are founded on. Now as a host on Inside The Nation Radio Rick helps keep the viewers up to date on current events and hot button issues/topics.

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Tierra Larai is a homeschooling mama and founder of Mamas at Home, an online community for women who are passionate about homemaking, organization, homeschooling, recipes, & cultivating peaceful homes for their families. As a co-host on Inside The Nation Radio she brings another dimension to the panel as she helps keep the crew balanced. Be sure to visit her website Mamas at Home for tips and tricks on cooking and many other home needed tips!

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As one of the main co-host of Inside The Nation Radio Darash is also a former paralegal, current fitness and boxing trainer. Advocate for health and fitness and constant self betterment. Darash bring a unique perspective to the panel when discussing current events.

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